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Hi, my name is Rohan Mathur - founder of Substructure Technologies. We're a team of engineers, designers, and researchers, and we're building the first public interest technology company of its kind.

Our core mission is to empower people to do good. We help organizations build technologies that amplify their work, allowing them to push on levers that may have otherwise been out of reach.

We believe in giving first. And we like to build relationships before we build solutions. We've had great success working with governments and nonprofits that share our values.

Currently, we're working on a range of problems - from gentrification, to zero waste, to journalism. We prioritize working on the issues that have the biggest impact on our coummunities.

We also believe in measuring growth by how much we learn, not just how much we do. For those interested in sharing ideas, teaching us about their work, or learning from our experience - our door is always open.

Although we are a distributed team of makers, Austin, TX is our home. I am a proud member of these organizations within my community, from which I have learned invaluable lessons that inform our work:

  • Open Austin: creating open source civic tech projects
  • AustinCityUP: transforming Austin using "Smart City" technologies; I currently sit on the Affordable Housing Committee
  • Code for America: 2018 Community Fellow and grant recipient working with the City of Austin on affordable Housing


1.People are the solution. Not Technology.
2.Be curious. Empathy matters.
3.Understand the fundamentals. Move the right needle.
4.Data drives results. Measure progress to make progress.
5.Relentlessly pursue truth, trust, and transparency.


If you'd like to get in touch feel free to send us a note. Whether you want to talk more about our principles, give us feedback on our webiste, or teach us about your own work - we love to learn.